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GATE Program

Our Gifted And Talented Education (GATE) program begins with a standards-based core curriculum.  Teachers provide differentiated learning opportunities that promote interest and challenge for academically advanced students, as well as talent development opportunities for all students.  Teachers utilize a variety of LBUSD approaches and strategies for differentiated instruction, that include:

Attributes of Scholarliness

Development of self/identity through ownership of scholarly traits and development of habits of mind through the study of conventional and non-conventional scholar experts across a variety of disciplines 

Universal Concepts and Big Ideas

Exploration of universal themes through examination of core curriculum to reach generalizations about concepts such as Power, Conflict, Adaptation, Structures etc.

Depth and Complexity

Elaboration of the core curriculum in greater depth (through the study of details, patterns, language of the discipline, rules, ethics, motives, impacts, processes, trends, and unanswered questions), and with increased complexity (through consideration of multiple perspectives, change over time, context, judgment, across multiple disciplines).

TLAD: Think Like A Disciplinarian

Developing an understanding of a topic by utilizing the academic lens and tools of a specific discipline, such as that of an Ecologist, or Anthropologist, or Botanist etc.  

Varied Lesson Design Models

Learning through different models of reasoning: deductive and inductive, or through group investigation, or independent study, as well as via direct instruction.

Classical Texts and Culturally Relevant Current Events

Extension of the core curriculum through the use of classical texts as well as an interdisciplinary study of issues, problems and themes.

Creative and Critical Thinking

Mastery of the content through personalized and non-traditional work products.

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