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Cubberley Foundation

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2023-24 Board, consists of:


Jesse Pazdernik - President

Sharon Schreiber - Vice President

Jen Reyes - Treasurer

Carrie Lowery - Secretary

Jodi Kobos - Assistant Secretary

Sarah Pazdernik - Financial Secretary

Anastasia Hubbard - Staff Advisor

About Us
Cubberley School Foundation is a parent-founded non-profit fundraising organization created in 2008 in response to diminishing state and federal funding for public education. Cubberley PTA also sponsors many programs at our school, but they are restricted by their bylaws and other regulations. The Foundation is not similarly restricted and is able to use all funds raised to support a wide range of programs and special projects at Cubberley School in ways PTA cannot. The Foundation is composed entirely of volunteers from the Cubberley School community.

Our Founding Documents:

Additional Documents:

Our Mission
Our purpose is to raise money to enhance the quality of education and support the well-being of Cubberley students and staff. The Foundation raises funds to support programs and needs not funded by the state or district and that are outside the scope of the PTA.

How to Get Involved
To support all of the programs and activities, the Foundation relies on the participation of our amazing parent volunteers and business partners. A wide range of volunteer opportunities are available throughout the school year. We know that time is limited and any help you can provide will be greatly appreciated. It is only through our community that we are able to be such a valuable asset to this school.

In addition to our fall carnival and spring fundraiser, we are able to receive funding from grants and business partnerships. Partnerships in the past have included local businesses, as well as corporate sponsorships. We have been successful in receiving donations and other support as a result of community connections with various organizations. Grant writing is a key way for the Foundation to gain additional funding for specific projects. 

There are also committees for planning the carnival and spring fundraiser. Committee meetings can be held in-person or online either during the day or in the evening to accommodate volunteer schedules. We encourage everyone to get involved and share in the fun!! 

To volunteer with the Foundation, please complete the Cubberley School Foundation Volunteer Interest Form.

Board of Directors
The Cubberley School Foundation Board of Directors is open to all Cubberley parents and school staff members, and no prior board experience is necessary. Serving two-year terms, the board works together to maximize our school fundraisers, nurture partnerships with local businesses, and pursue grants/corporate donations. Board meetings are scheduled quarterly, with special meetings held as required.

Please email for additional information.

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President - oversees the board and runs meetings; oversees all fundraising and the annual carnival

Vice President - supports the president in running the annual fundraiser and carnival 

Treasurer - manages Foundation budget and all transactions in Quickbooks and processes all funding requests; processes all reimbursements

Financial Secretary - transports and deposits funds managed by the Foundation at least once per week

Secretary - takes notes and maintains meeting minutes

Staff Advisor - provides representation for Cubberley staff and teachers

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Important Dates for 2023-24 School Year

August 30  - 1st Day of School

September 5 - 1st Foundation General Meeting, 3:30pm in the Cubberley library

October 20 - Cubberley Carnival, set up starting at noon, event is from 3pm to 6:15pm

November 9 - LATHER Shop for a Cause Event, 6pm to 8pm at 2nd and PCH

December 5 - 2nd Foundation General Meeting, 3:30pm at Cubberley (exact location TBD)

December 6 - Cubs Dine Out at Flippin' Pizza

February/March - tentative time frame for Foundation spring fundraiser

March 6 - 3rd Foundation General Meeting, 3:30pm in the Cubberley library

May 8 - Cubs Dine Out at Flippin' Pizza

June 4 - 4th Foundation General Meeting, 3:30pm in the Cubberley library

June 13 - Last day of the school year

June 30 - end of Foundation fiscal year (all 2023-24 reimbursement requests must be submitted before this date)

Meeting Dates (click the dates below for the meeting minutes)
June 1, 2023 Meeting

September 5, 2023

December 5, 2023

March 6, 2024

June 4, 2024

Our goal is to raise approximately $65,000 each year to maintain support for new and ongoing programs, curriculum, and projects at Cubberley. This amounts to a donation of approximately $65-70 per student. Click here to view the 2023-2024 Cubberley School Foundation Budget.

Our overall operating budget includes income from the Cubberley Carnival, spring fundraiser, and other donations from Cub families and business partnerships.

Projects and Programs Funded
The Cubberley School Foundation has had the privilege of funding numerous programs and projects over the years, including:

      Field trips ($1000 per grade level)

      Ceramics program

      Class sets of novels

      Cubberley Native Garden Project

      MESA program (MS)

      Robotics (MS)

      Science and technology supplies

      School Folders (TK-3)

      Lunch benches

      Additional bike rack

      New furniture for the Cubberley library

      Middle school sports uniforms

      Honor roll celebration

      Vinyl banners/beautification

      Academic intervention resources

The Cubberley School Foundation welcomes input from Cub teachers, staff, and families about where fundraising proceeds should be focused. We prioritize curriculum and any other academic, social-emotional, and behavioral supports that directly help students. Parents/caregivers interested in submitting a proposal should collaborate with a Cub teacher or other staff member in writing a proposal, and all requesters should seek principal approval before sending in a proposal for something that has not received prior Foundation funding.

Click here to access the Google Form for proposals to the Cubberley School Foundation for the 2024 - 2025 school year.

The deadline to have proposals submitted is March 27, 2024. The Foundation will then review and prioritize all of the proposals around Mid-April and approve as many as possible, based on our budget and fundraising at the end of April. The Foundation's goal is to support as many proposals as possible,. Please provide as much information as possible to help us understand the proposal. Proposals may be submitted by Cubberley School teachers, administrators, club or parents. All proposals must have the support of a teacher or a school administrator to be considered.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Fall Carnival

The Foundation assists in organizing the annual Cubberley Fall carnival. This is a community event and fundraiser that directly benefits the classrooms and organizations that participate. Classes and organizations may host booths offering food, games, or other fun activities. There are also inflatables and live entertainment for everyone to enjoy. The Foundation oversees the organization, planning, and ticket sales, and is in charge of the operating costs of the event.

Contact Information:
Email Foundation Board of Directors:

Foundation Payment Request Form:

1)  Does Cubberley Foundation take the place of PTA? 

No! Cubberley PTA is a vital part of our school, and they will continue to raise funds to provide a broad range of student programs. The Foundation’s mission, on the other hand, is solely fundraising. The Foundation works closely with Cubberley PTA to provide the best possible programs for Cubberley students. The Foundation is also able to help fund employee salaries, if needed, while the PTA cannot. 

2) Doesn’t Cubberley receive its funding from the school district? 

As a California public school, Cubberley is funded by federal, state, and local funds, plus property taxes and the lottery, with funding managed by the Long Beach Unified School District. This funding can be restricted by many factors, including the state budget and educational policies. Cubberley School Foundation provides the freedom to enhance our students’ education with enrichment programs and projects that are not currently funded.

3) Who runs the Foundation?

A board of directors composed of parents and staff volunteers manages Foundation business. Board members serve 2 year terms and parents and staff are encouraged to participate as members as general meetings and on Foundation committees. The group is driven by a set of written policies and bylaws and is supervised by the site principal.

4) Where does the money go? 

There is no paid staff on the Cubberley School Foundation. The Foundation maintains a minimal budget for legal & professional fees, insurance and other administrative costs. All money raised by the Cubberley School Foundation is for the sole purpose of supporting Cubberley School programs and projects.